Waste Paper Transportation

Baxters are ideally suited to waste paper transportation. With our fleet of lightweight Aluminium Moving Floor Trailers, we can transport loads in BOTH DIRECTIONS; collecting waste for paper mills and deliver recycled newsprint odirectly to the printers, within the same schedule.

And we operate safely in both a refuse collection and paper mill environment. All our trailers are fitted with 'magic eye' sensors to ensure the safe offloading of cargo.

In 2003/04, paper and card accounted for almost a third of all household waste collected for recycling, with almost 1.3 million tonnes being collected in England. This means, however, that there is still a considerable amount that isn't recycled and is largely going to landfill or incineration.

In 2004 recycled paper and board provided about 74% of the source materials for the 6.2million tonnes of paper manufactured in the UK's 76 paper and board mills. A further 7.7 million tonnes were imported.

Recycled paper made up 75.5% of the raw materials for UK newspapers in 2004.

Glass Waste Transportation

The versatility of our fleet means we are the only UK Haulage company able to properly and efficiently deal with glass and abrasive material transportation. We have both steel and aluminium moving floor trailers and the weight saving over conventional transport means we can carry an additional 4 tonnes.

Using present technology the UK glass industry has the capacity to recycle over one million tonnes of glass each year and this coupled with the materials unique ability to be infinitely recycled without compromising its quality creates a compelling case for the recycling of glass. Despite this, glass makes up around 7% of the average household dustbin and in 2001 over 2.5 million tonnes of this material was landfilled. more...

Tyres and Chip Transportation

Grinding is the most widespread materials recovery process in the UK. This process produces a range of crumb sizes through the progressive size reduction process with the energy used to break up tyres increasing as the particle size decreases. Crumb is used in sports and play surfaces, brake linings, landscaping mulch, carpet underlay, absorbents for wastes and shoe soles. Crumb can also be recycled in road asphalt. Rubberised asphalt can increase road elasticity, temperature range and resistance to oxidation, which can result in fewer ruts, potholes and cracks in the surface. more...


Comingled waste is unsorted waste. This can be either unsorted recyclable material, such as glass, cans, paper or general waste. Often used in conjunction with descriptions of MRFs. more...

Timber & Chip

It is estimated that 1.6 billion cubic metres (m3) of timber is harvested worldwide. Of this approximately 50 million m3 is used in the UK annually.

In 2004 the UK production of timber was 11.1 million m3, and production is forecast to increase to over 16 million m3 by 2020. More than two thirds of the timber we use in the UK is imported, and most of these imports are softwood from Scandinavia and the Baltic States. Most of the softwood is used for construction. Most of the hardwoods we use are for furniture. more...


Using the energy from paper,plastics and fibre wastes. Profuel is a solid fuel for cement kilns manufactured from selected materials that are either uneconomic or not possible to recycle and that would otherwise go to landfill sites for disposal.

Profuel has a similar calorific value to coal, the fuel traditionaly used in cement kilns, and is completely consumed by the very high temperatures involved. more...