Why moving floor trailers?

The incredible versatility of our moving floor trailers enable us to transport a wide range of recyclable products and return the processed product with the same trailer.

We are the only company in the UK with a choice of trailer according to application - Steel or Aluminium floors. Steel floors ensure a swift, efficient dispatch of highly abrasive material, such as metals, glass and co-mingle. The weight saving over conventional abrasive material transport directly translates into the ability to carry an additional 4 tonnes. Aluminium trailers are used for all non abrasive product and give additional weight advantages.

With a huge 125 cu. yd. capacity, side (6m aperture), rear and top loading, steel and aluminium floors. Our trailers adapt to suit the movement of all types of load requirement, including: Paper, Glass, Tyres, Plastic, Co-mingle, Wood Chip, Aggregate and Profuels.

The design of the trailers also allows for the safe loading of general palletised cargo, which can either be ‘walked’ on or off the trailer or loaded via a conventional means.

For more information on Moving Floor Trailers click here.

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