Baxters, beyond convention...

At Baxters we are very keen to stress that we're beyond convention. Why? Well we take a refreshing approach to the haulage business and that approach has seen turnover and fleet size increase significantly year after year. The continued success is due to many factors, not least to our forward thinking philosophy that breaks many of the staid conventions associated with Haulage.

Our ethos is one of continual improvement throughout the business, with investment in technology, workshop facilities, vehicles and quality recruitment. We place continued emphasis on the client relationship, and are constantly striving to ensure we fulfil our clients’ directives.

Our business is the movement of products for the recycling industry. Our fleet consists of ‘walking floor’ trailers. Their flexibility is unparalleled, with a huge 125 cu. yd. capacity, side (6m aperture), rear and top loading, steel and aluminium floors.

We are proud of our achievements at Baxters and continue to satisfy the tough demands and schedules placed on us by our exacting clientele and a fiercely competitive industry. Throughout, we continue to be efficient, versatile, reliable and safe. We hope we can bring our expertise and philosophy to your business.

Advanced satellite tracking & live monitoring

All our tractor units are satellite tracked and navigated. Utilising software developed specifically for the haulage industry, we can track, monitor and analyse the movement of our fleet 24hrs a day. Not only does the information help us to operate efficiently and reliably, it ensures we meet time critical deliveries such as newsprint to press rooms.

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